Kick-off meeting in Brno

Thu, 03/01/2012

Kick-off meeting of the project Center for Advanced Bioanalytical Technologies. 10:30am through 2pm at IACH in Brno, see the map. Not open to public, just the participants in the project (open days will be organized in due time during the course of the project). As a part of this meeting, the talk will be given by Dr. Zdeněk Hurák (DCE FEE CTU in Prague): Distributed parallel (micro)manipulation by shaping force fields: algorithms and experiments with dielectrophoresis.

Image: IACH ASCR, Brno, Czech Republic
Image: Jirka Zemanek explaining the principles of feedback control using a Lego Mindstorms based mobile robot
Image: Zdenek Hurak presenting the experimental platform for planar magnetic manipulation